Q: What is your blog about?
A: My blog is my public journal. I write about my life, but I do it in a way that allows me to focus on my own self-improvement and hopefully inspires others to improve themselves. You’re likely to see lots of blog posts about my travels, my take on politics and current events, and my thoughts on relationships and the people in my life. I’m not an expert, I’m just trying to make sense of this crazy world and where I fit in.

Q: Why did you decide to start blogging?
A: I’ve always loved giving speeches in front of large audiences. I love connecting with people who are interested in what I think. Blogging allows me the opportunity to share my stories and thoughts with audiences around the world. I’ve had readers from 49 states (still waiting on you Alaska!) and 94 countries, including India, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Turkey, Tunisia, Norway, Russia, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, China, and Zimbabwe. I LOVE the ability to reach people across the world! Blogging is the most efficient way for an amateur writer to do that.

Q: Can I guest post for your blog?
A: Yes, thoughtful guest posts are always welcome. Please see the Contact page for more info.

Q: I have an idea for your blog. Where can I make my suggestion?
A: I welcome all constructive suggestions and feedback. Please see the Contact page to send a request.

Q: I love your blog. What advice do you have for me starting my own blog?
A: Take your time and think about what you want your blog to be. Having a topic or idea is just not enough. You’ve got to know what you want to write about, why people will be interested in what you have to say, and how you will reach your target audience. Also, take your time researching the technical side of creating a blog. You want a good looking and well organized blog to showcase your brilliant writing.

Q: Will you speak at my conference/panel/event?
A: My speaking background is primarily with youth and corporate audiences. Quite a combination, I know! Please send speaking invitations through the Contact page.

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