Nora Garriga

Nora Garriga was born in New Haven, CT, the third of eight children born to Jose and Carmen Garriga. She currently resides in Hamden, CT with her teenage son. Her nurturing personality guided her into the medical field where she faithfully serves her patients as a professional nurse.

Aside from her duties as mother, daughter, and nurse, Nora’s passions are music and writing. Poetry provides her with an outlet to express her passion; a passion that drives her to reach the levels of intellectual and emotional enlightenment travelled by great poets, musicians, and other communicators, past and present. Upon returning to college in 2010, Nora was encouraged by her English professors to pursue her poetry writing and work towards publication. The Goodwin College annual publication The Beacon will publish a selection of her poems in the fall of 2011.

Nora is a regular contributor to The Daily Garriga. Her poems cover topics such as life and love and include reflections on pain and joy.

You can find more of her poetry on The Daily Garriga’s poetry page.

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