Hello world! My name is Joshua Garriga.

I grew up in New Haven, CT to a Cuban father and Puerto Rican mother with six sisters and two brothers. I dropped out of community college twice while working as a machine operator in an aluminum factory for 10 years. The third time I attempted community college, I excelled and was able to transfer to Southern Connecticut State University where I majored in Political Science. During my senior year of college, I applied to and was accepted to Harvard Kennedy School with a scholarship to study public policy. I graduated from Harvard in 2008 with a Master in Public Policy.

Since then, I’ve worked as a business analyst and consultant in the private sector and an administrator at two different charter schools in Brooklyn and Harlem. I’ve seen and learned so much in school, work, and life that I just can’t help but have strong opinions on the direction we should be going to solve our problems as a national and global community. I believe that life should be full of joy and adventure and I plan to explore the world and share my adventures with all of you. This blog is an attempt to connect with equally passionate souls in order to share information and ideas. In many ways, this blog belongs to you, the reader. Your feedback is essential to the growth and development of the blog. Happy reading!

That we all may focus on self-improvement and recognize our individual capacity for public purpose.

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