My Baseball Stadium Tour: Two-Thirds Down, Heading for the Top of the Seventh

Baseball Stadium Tour Map

by Joshua on August 5, 2013

After last month’s trip to Coors Field in Denver, I’ve officially reach the two-thirds mark in my quest to visit all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums. I had originally intended to visit all 30 within five years. My five year plan has now turned into a seven year plan. No big deal, I’ve enjoyed the journey and I’m looking forward to these next two seasons.

Here are ten quick thoughts on the twenty stadiums I’ve visited to date:

  1. Yankee Stadium has a certain majestic look to it, but Citi Field looks cooler and just feels better (Disclaimer: I am a long suffering Mets fan).
  2. What is up with the traffic around Turner Field in Atlanta? The street layout and parking are horrible. The Braves and the city of Atlanta need to invest in some serious urban planning. On the other hand, the fans are some of the best I’ve encountered.
  3. Rogers Center in Toronto looks great in person. I wasn’t expecting so much from the pictures I’d seen. The entire downtown area is wonderful.
  4. The single best individual performance I’ve seen was Angels starting pitcher Jared Weaver’s fifteen strikeout masterpiece against the Blue Jays.
  5. Cleveland fans try so hard to support their team. Give ’em credit – they really do try.
  6. I don’t care that Wrigley Field is a relic when it comes to baseball stadiums. I had a blast there.
  7. I never get tired of going to games at Nationals Park or Camden Yards. Two of the best ballparks I’ve seen.
  8. Pittsburgh might be the most beautiful baseball setting. The stadium, riverfront, bridges, skyline, and hills are all perfect.
  9. The Dodgers and A’s both need new stadiums…seriously.
  10. I feel honored to have seen Mariano Rivera pitch in person at Yankee stadium. There are very few athletes in any sport who have accomplished as much as Number 42.

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