Pride and Prejudice

Yankees Pride

by Joshua on April 29, 2012

An original poem by Nora Garriga.

It would be her first visit to that city,
She had never been,
Maybe for fear of whispers she had heard
But she was not one for blind impressions.

For her family, a Harvard graduation was a big deal.
They enjoyed breaking through barriers,
Ignoring common weapons,
Satisfying the urge to conquer with encyclopedic knowledge

She parked her car and fed the meter.
Brimming with excitement for the upcoming commencement
Only to be whittled to the ground by the oncoming scream
“We don’t want your kind around here! Damn Yankee fan.”

There was little she could do to stop the flung milkshake
From exploding over the bumper stickers
On the back of her car,
Dripping a thick ooze of hatred.

“Come mierda gusano!”
She screamed in retaliation.
And from her bag she pulled out a cap
Bearing the very symbol of contempt.

Mounting it proudly on her head
She would not stoop to their ridiculousness
And feed the fire
But she enjoyed lighting the flame.

N.G. 3.28.12

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