April 2012

Pride and Prejudice

April 29, 2012
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An original poem by Nora Garriga. It would be her first visit to that city, She had never been, Maybe for fear of whispers she had heard But she was not one for blind impressions. For her family, a Harvard graduation was a big deal. They enjoyed breaking through barriers, Ignoring common weapons, Satisfying the urge […]

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In Search of a Charismatic Leader

April 8, 2012
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A The Daily Garriga classic! When I first realized that Diane Ravitch would be a guest interviewee on The Daily Show, I got really excited. If you don’t already know who Diane Ravitch is, you should. You see, there is a major political push happening right now to break up teachers unions. As with any political […]

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Exploring Colombia: Sunburned in Cartagena

April 7, 2012
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After a great first week exploring Bogota and Cali, my Colombia trip hit a low point when I arrived in Cartagena. Not that Cartagena is a terrible place to visit. It just isn’t somewhere I care to ever see again. We arrived on a Friday at 10:00am. I was looking forward to hitting the beach as Cartagena is well known […]

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