For Those of You Who Occupy

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by Joshua on January 28, 2012

An original poem by Nora Garriga.


For those of you who occupy…

Here is for your braveness
In the face of
Those who created this
Mess to begin with

Leaving jobless
Tracks in their woods of

Money hoarding capitals

More separate than when we started this
Land of opportunity
Free to worship what we believe
But now you can’t say anything

Or be sprayed with
Burning badges that
Once used to work with us
Now they’ve hopped on the other bus
That holds us
Back from
Getting too close to the front


For those of you who occupy….

Put your fists up
Be heard
Thanks to you
We will spread the word

We can take back
What we built
On our backs
These buildings stand

There is no foundation
Without you
That mountains peak
Crumbles without its nation

New creations
From the minds of occupy

Now I thank you
And I give you
This letter to take with you

It is my voice
My vote
And louder you will here us cry

I am one of ninety-nine!

12.21.2011 n.g.

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