by Joshua on November 30, 2011

An original poem by Nora Garriga.

What is beauty?

Is it a certain color of skin?
Or is it defined by what one can afford to buy?

To me beauty is…
A flower’s first bloom as winter gives way to spring’s sunlight.
The kaleidoscope of colors as the sun kisses the horizon goodnight.
The shadows thrown against a sidewalk during a stroll on a moonlit night.
The hug of a parent letting a child know everything will be alright.

What is beauty?

Is it sold at the hottest department store?
Or is it captured in a photograph in a stylish magazine?

To me beauty is….
The comfort of your pet beside you when you are feeling low.
The poetic melody of music that inspires the soul.
The fresh, crisp, quiet of newly fallen snow.
The flickering, crackling, smoking of an autumn campfire warming my toes.

What is beauty?

Is it winning the latest war?
Or is it defined by how close you can get to the corporate lords?

To me beauty is…

The sound of a baby’s laugh as they are entertained by a new toy.
The smell of food cooking as culture’s celebrate their holiday joy.
The feeling of love a new couple’s vows employ.
The taste of freedom when a dictator’s regime is destroyed.

There is no price. It cannot be bought. Cannot be traded. Cannot be sold.
Open up and sense beauty’s simplicities around you for your own eyes to behold.

Nora Garriga 11/28/2011

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