by Joshua on November 1, 2011

An original poem by Steven Garriga.

Depression hurts

Depression finds our flaws

And forces us to eat them

Depression follows us around

And shouts at us

Depression is an illness

With no cure

With no hope

Depression kills

Our sister, our brother, our sons, our daughters

No one can hurt Depression

Depression creeps up on us

A slow and inky pain

It breaks our legs

Poisons our will

Crushes our dreams

Buries our hope

In places we can never travel

Depression is our enemy

That we do not confront

Depression wants us to fail

So it blots out the sun

It darkens the love

Until we are alone

And succumb to Depression’s will

There are no forces in existence that are like Depression

Depression has nothing

No dreams

No hopes

No gains

No conquests

No goals

Depression only wants to darken you

Cover you in ink

Make you become a shadow

And then become dust

Depression is the darkest of things

The cruelest

A soul eater

How can we take this?

Why do we take this?

How can we stop it?

When will hope shine down in our lives again

The Afflicted will never know

We stand


For someone


To save us from its inky darkness

From Depression’s oblivion

Depression steals our voice

It captures our screams

Until our sapped soul

Is pushed to an end



We plunge into the dark

As our final escape

It was just…

Too late

“What god would damn a heart?

What god drove us apart?

What god could…

Make this stop

Let this end

So many years pushed to the ledge

It’s come to this

A weightless step

On the way down screaming freedom.”

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Rose November 1, 2011 at 8:21 pm

wow… just to think of the countless people who live with this day in and day out. But there is a God whose peace surpasses all understanding and can and does lift us out of that pit… we just have to take His hand…. I know and can testify to this….. I’ve done it countless time. People think I’m a perky and happy go lucky person… but in reality what they’re really seeing is God’s peace shining and breaking through the sadness. When God is welcomed, He fills all the empty spots and mends the brokenness.
I’m not preaching…. just sharing from my heart.
Love ya and thanks for putting into words we can understand the awful feeling so many of us live with.


Maria November 5, 2011 at 1:23 am

Very beautiful.


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