The Jumpers: A 9/11 Story

WTC Lights

by Joshua on September 11, 2011

An original poem by Nora Garriga.

Hello Mother,
Can you hear me?
I called to tell you goodbye…

These flames grow closer,
And the smoke is getting thicker.
Daddy, please say a prayer with me before I die.

Because there is no way out of this,
And I know soon I won’t exist.
Sister, share with me one last cry…

For these planes have landed,
And I’m left stranded
On this burning island in the sky.

Brother, it’s so hard to breathe in here,
Smoke so thick it makes my eyes burn and tear
This is not how I pictured the end of my life.

Rescue cannot get to me
Mass confusion blocks my relief
So I share my last words with you, sweet wife…

This burning building will not be my end,
So, to the ledge I feel beckoned,
Please give the kids a last kiss for me, dear husband.

The outside breeze so entices me
Away from this tragedy
Cooling my skin that is being singed from the flames surrounding me.

So I jump, without fear
Towards my own heaven
To join the rest that left
On Nine Eleven.

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